Music in Indie Video Games: A Composer’s Perspective on Musical Approaches and Practices

Hi all. Been a long time since I wrote a blog post here, mainly because finishing my masters and getting married has taken up a lot of the year, however I am finally done with things and keen to get back to making music and sharing my progress with you all!

My final version of my thesis is available for download here: Music in Indie Video Games Thesis

The marking on my thesis took about 4 to 5 months ending in a very divided decision as to my final mark and also left me very little time to get my edits back in so the final draft might have one or two words that are missing spaces but other than those small typographical errors the thesis is in final form and full working order.

Here is a link to a Bandcamp album for my compositional work: Jumpship Music Bandcamp

(Apologies because I don’t have all the tracks in a lossless format I had to upload of few of the tracks straight to this page. The ones you can’t find on the Bandcamp album should appear below! Also my Journey videos will also be displayed below along with playthrough videos of some games I have worked on! The idea behind the Journey videos can be found in Chapter 5 of my thesis or more informally on this blog post here. Please have a read before getting angry at me redoing Journey’s music… I don’t think I can do better, I am just exploring concepts)

Audiovisual Examples relating to the thesis have yet to be uploaded. Will probably do those next week after the playthrough vids have been added.

Hope some of you enjoy.

Spheres version 1 and 2:







Eno the Truth Score

incommensurable Part 1

incommensurable Part 2

incommensurable Part 3

incommensurable Part 4

incommensurable Part A

incommensurable Part B

incommensurable Part C

Spheres – Original Score Version

Spheres Mock Up


Garden Section 1 G Harmonic Minor

Garden Section 2 F Pentatonic

Garden Section 3 B Harmonic Minor


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