Ludum Dare 32 – LD32

LD comes around too seldom but when it does, it is a veritable nerdgasm for all involved. I love making music on the fly with briefs given to you last minute (and no that isn’t sarcasm) as when you have to compose something and you are told “You have a few weeks”, it is probably the best feeling in the world. LD32 was no exception, I had very little time this LD as I would usually work on music for every Johannesburg applicant that would want, but due to my limited time I only worked on a couple of projects this time round. Needless to say there was some really nice results coming from South Africa (as usual). As always I am really excited to be part of the Ludum Dare and think it’s an amazing thing to be involved with. I have added a playlist of the music I worked on for this so I hope you enjoy! Keep on making games! 😀

LD 32

Mecha Cop 2875
Quiver of Claws

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