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Jump Ship Music specialises in the production of sound effects and music for Video Games.
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Introduction Blog

Ok so hello people! This is an introduction and a welcome to my website! I’ll keep this spot updated with what I’ve been doing lately along with some cool videos. At the moment I’ve been finishing up music for A Day In The Woods ( and will soon to be doing some sound for the trailer in lieu of release! I like to try keep it brief, so I have been working on video game music and my masters on the same topic for the past 2 years and a bit, you can check out the projects and their music in my portfolio section. I like to keep it updated with new music whenever I can and for my full range of compositions check out my soundcloud:!

While I’m trying desperately to finish up my Master’s degree I have been watching some cool videos on some of the video games I have been case studying. Here is an awesome tutorial by Rich Vreeland who did the music for Fez, check it out for an awesome Massive tutorial! 😀

Here is an improvisatory piece I wrote using his patch sounds:

Enjoy browsing the website and I will try keep this updated with blogs and new content as often as I have something to say 😛




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