Composing for Video Games, Bands and Film

This has been my first post in a while and hopefully some of you will find it interesting.

I recently met with Mijaelle who runs Heart-Beats and uses her time to interview people in the local music industry and get their opinions on certain aspects and practices associated with the local music scene. In this three part interview with her I spoke about composing for video games, bands and other forms of media and theatre. All three videos are below and the content includes is listed above the video.

The topics discussed in the first video are:
1. Composition for different genres and themes
2. How to match the genre to a game
3. When and why did you start Jump Ship Music?
4. How long is a typical game song and how is it structured?
5. Music for Indie (independent) Games
6. Tim’s Masters in Composition at Wits
7. The music for video games Braid, FEZ and Journey
8. Vertically layered music which is a style of composition used in video games

The topics discussed in the second video are:
1. How Tim makes sound effects
2. One of the coolest sound effects that Tim made
3. Tim’s dream set up for composing a film score
4. Writing music for personal projects vs commercial projects
5. Studio composition compared to performing live
6. Fridge Poetry, a progressive ska band where Tim was the vocalist and guitarist
7. Tim’s lyrical influences
8. Tim’s favourite songs to perform
9. Mad God, a doom metal band where Tim is the vocalist and guitarist
10. Tiger, an experimental rock band where Tim plays lead guitar

The topics discussed in the third video are:
1. When Tim realised that music was going to be his life
2. Tim’s journey with the Wits Choir
3. Tim’s experience with theatre and creating music for the production
4. Being a teacher at St. Stithians College
5. A good focus to have when you are studying music
6. Trinity exams, Rock school and practicing
7. Being supervised by Chris Letcher; a film composer and songwriter
8. Tim’s greatest challenge and how he has overcomes it
9. Tim’s ultimate music dream
10. A closing message from Tim!

I hope at least a few of these topics may be of interest to you. If you wish to follow what Mijaelle does with Heart-Beats check out her Youtube channel here and also her Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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